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Anything Goes

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Alt Forum A forum for anything alternative.

[x] About Us

Post photos, art, writing. Discuss current events, movies, music or just tell us a little bit about yourself. Pretty much anything goes here. We just ask you to play nice well to a point that is.

[x] Requirements

Before you can post we here require an introductory post from you. You must be approved by our exhisting members. Your survey counts as 75% of our decision and your Photos are the other 25%. So when you join please post 1 or more photos and answer the following questions for us :)

1.) Name:
2.) Age:
3.) Location:
4.) Occupation:
5.) Hobbies:
6.) 5 favorite bands and why:
7.) 5 favorite movies and why:
8.) Favorite author or book:
9.) One thing you would change about yourself:
10.) One thing you would change about the world around us:

Please fill this out and post one pic (or more) when you join. I will be linking all of these in a post in memories :)

[x] The RULES

If you are posting more then 1 photos please put the rest behind a livejournal cut.


No blatant ignorant posts I.E. racial, sexest etc.

Play nice. If you don't like what someone says or posts it's okay to tell them that just don't be a complete jackass about it.

Post your intro first!!! If you do not post an intro you are not allowed to post or comment. I will ban your ass :P

No trolls. If I catch people trolling around here they will be banned.

Do not start shit just so your dumbass will get on LJdrama.org Grow up.

No quizzes or promotion. If you want to promote your community or anything else please ask me first.

That's about it enjoy yourselves and remember the rules please.

[x] Your Mods

fatal_femme or nadja_femme

If there are any problems please contact us.

[x] Approved Members

July 2003